Meet some of our new WAV hosts this new season who will guide you through diverse musical curation. From breakbeat, city pop, downtempo, jazz to house

We Are Various, so are you.


Once a month on Thursday between 20h & 21h

Connecting the dots between atypical music and lovingly weaving together breakbeat, club music and UK influenced tracks.

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Rozevelt pres. 'Beyond The Pond'

Once a month on Friday evening between 20h & 21h

Once a month, a group of amphibian friends gather on their beloved lily pad sharing stories of their adventures beyond the pond. These stories involve lively dance floors in distant waters, searching for the best selectors playing aquatic tunes. So if you’re ready for a unique blend of frog tales and ribbiting rhythms, tune in and let these pondside adventures captivate you. Croaking and ribbiting sounds in the form of electro, minimal, French house, and anything in between.

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Early Shift w/ Fahad Seriki

Early Shift: Once a month on Thursday morning between 10h & 12h CET

Fahad Seriki is a Nigerian vocalist turned producer and DJ, specializing in ‘Underground Dance Music’ influenced by breakbeat, Baltimore club, grime, and Broken Beat. With comedic speeches and a magnetic stage presence, Fahad delivers energetic performances, setting a unique tone in the electronic music scene. As a seasoned radio host, he commands the airwaves on Kiosk Radio and LYL Radio. Catch his invigorating monthly morning show on Wav Radio, where he continues to elevate the soundscape with nu jazz, broken beat and electronic music.”

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Hanami w/ Dj Marumie

Once a month on Thursday between 21h & 22h

Each month a discovery of musical gems from the land of the rising sun, Japan.

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QUATSCH COLLECTIVE pres. Quatsch Variety Hour

Bi-monthly on Tuesday between 19h & 20h

Quatsch Collective is an Antwerp-based collective of drag performers and artists. During the Quatsch Variety Hour, hosts Miss Ditniet and Jimmy Kidd will fill the airwaves with live music, stories about lesser-known queer historic figures, mixtapes, and bad puns. Guaranteed party guarantee.

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Monthly on Friday between 11h & 12h

Falcon worldwide metropol radio started in 2022 in Antwerpen. Where the host, Simon Munck, guides you with selected songs through differnt times & genres. Exploring music from all corners of the world.

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