WAV’s ‘FROM OUR WAVE TO YOURS’ is a various and ever-expanding selection of favourite tracks, albums, labels, artists and more, put together by the WAV team and family.

You can call them charts, or staff picks, but we like to refer to them as WAVES, connecting us to you and back.

We love music, we want to share what we love, but we don’t assume that sharing should be at the expense of the artists.

That’s why we link all our WAVE-lists to the bandcamp pages of the artists or labels (if they have one), and that you can view our evolving selection on our WAV’s Buy Music Club Page.

If, in doing so, we can raise more awareness about properly compensating the music makers, then we consider ourselves a little closer to riding the perfect WAVE.

This is a selection by Tom Tossyn. TT is our in-house designer responsible for the WAV logo and more. Check TT

Submit X - Stakapella - Gesloten Cirkel

Rene Bendali - Tanki Tanki (Rabih Beaini Edit) - Metal Dance UK

Trevor Jackson curates another essential collection of industrial, new wave and EBM dancefloor classics on the second instalment of ‘Metal Dance’. You’ll find here everything from early Visage and Ministry to an obscure techno / electro cut from Lebanese artist Rene Bandaly.

Ultradyne - Umen - Pi Gao Movement

Beverly Hills 808303 - B1 Untitled - Bunker

IF - I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less - Viewlexx

DJ ESP Woody McBride - Furthur - Drop Base Network

Christoph De Babalon - Overhead

Crossover - Flying Terrible Walrus - Codek Records

De Ambasade - Verloren - Knekelhuis

Verloren’ is like a late night pink Dutch sky after a long day of heavy rain, a sign that a warm summer’s day is just ahead. It will make you sweat tonight. This long awaited follow up 7″, will be released in the same form as the first: a beautifully designed disco sleeve with cardboard artwork. The vinyl will feature perfect-not-perfect, melancholic yet very danceable tracks. The machines in here take you back to the 80’s, but sound very contemporary nevertheless.

Whispering Sons - Hollow