Ghent based restaurant-cum-dancefloor Amigo has invited some of their extended family members to curate a series of mixtapes, dedicated to make you feel just that little bit more hungry. And willing.

Our December issue is created by former Brussels based DJ & food lover Pablo — Handless DJ — Saccomano. In September of last year he moved to Copenhagen, in a short period of time he got acquainted with the local food & nightlife scene. He was kind enough to share his 10 favorite CPH tips. Maybe something for that 2021 citytrip?

“I tried to blend a personal journey with some of my favorite tunes with a pop-ish approach. Because at the end of the day that’s what I like to hear when I’m behind a counter, a timeless curated trip with personal « hits » around the world. Here are a couple of favorite hang out spots in Copenhagen:”

Listen back here to Handless Dj’s mix for Music For Sharing Plates

1. Le Petit Vinbar, Torvehallerne

Torvehallerne is a luxurious market / food court place right in the center of Copenhagen. You can find Le Petit there. This danish-french corner place has opened 7 years ago and I was pretty stoked that such a tiny place had a home-built customized rotary mixer for their infamous Funky Tuesday. Weekly digger’s reunion around the groove. I’ve been working there for almost 2 years, satisfying easy bistro food, Piemonte wine & champagne importers, legendary steak sandwich, oyster events and good vibes guaranteed.

Link: Instagram

2. Spisestuen

I stumbled working at the opening of this promising restaurant this summer. I felt immediately in love with the team, the wine menu & the food. Located in the old Sydhavn (it has a definitely a Brussels Marolles feeling) this intimate « dinning room » is a modern and world inspired take on bistronomy seasonal dishes. Amazing wine list, decent prices, a lot of special care from the kitchen to the service without any pretension.

Link: Instagram

3. Blagards Apotheek

Local jazz concert joint build in a old pharmacy. It has the most Belgian café feeling, older crowd,   music freak staff, Orval and Chimay on the menu. And they were keeping their cool when we threw some political demonstrations – open airs DJ sets this summer right on the Blågards square.

Link: Instagram 

4. Folkets Hus

Alternative solidarity café & political activists in Nørrebro, amazing library & community driven projects. They are helping us a lot to organize some political events with my Uhuru Express collective. Soup kitchen, fridge outside with free food, meetings, talks & workshops, extra cheap beers. We started recently to throw some DJ sets on Thursdays.

Link: Instagram

5. Vækst

One of my favorite new nordic cuisine restaurant from the Cofoco chain (Corsa Pizza, Jah Izakaya, Llama, Vespa, ..). The food scene is vibrant here and there are a couple of « must visit » restaurants that I really enjoyed such as Barr, Gro Spiseri, Amass, Høst, .. But I had the most pleasant experience there. The food, the setting, the service.

Link: Instagram

6. La Banchina / Refshaleøen

Refshaleøen is the former industrial port district build on an island that has been reconverted into a leisure area.
You can find La Banchina there. Natural wines, a perfect spot for late summer dip in the sea & a sauna for the most adventurous winter swimmers.  The area is super enjoyable, find a skatepark, a lot of containers food trucks, Empirical Spirits, Lille Bakery, a huge climbing wall, Amass restaurant, Mikkeler bar with sometimes Zinnebeer on tap and a couple of warehouses used for raves.

Links: La Banchina & Refshaleøen

7. Alice

One of the best concert place for adventurous music! Medium sized concert venue with experimental, global, independent live acts. From Suzanne Ciani to Yasuaki Shimizu to Goat, JPY, Felix Kubin, King Khan, etc.

Link: Instagram

8. Record Shops

Hard to pick just one.. Paname City Records is great place to hang out! Also the only way I can catch my digger friend Moqst (check out his Quartier Groove’s page.) Adrien Pastor, the owner is a Paris flea market regular, a lot of hidden gems in there! Same vibe with Can record shop, Martin is welcoming you in his concept art shop where he regularly drops some pile of records and all types of anecdotes & stories from his own personal collection. Big up to Speakers Corner’s, 313 vinyl collective & the newly opened and very promising Proton Records.

* Can Records picture beneath is taken from The Vinyl Factory site)

9. Donda

Situated in Christianshavn this intimate latin american eatery & bar proposes a great affordable menu. Tip!

(*picture by KENNETH NGUYEN)

Link: Instagram

10. Rosforth & Rosforth

Wine retailer & importer, located under Christianshavn’s bridge, they are providing for most of the best restaurants here and they leave dozens of bottle open daily for the guests to try. They do know their stuff to say the least.

I also have to talk about Melin Vin, also providing for a lot of famous restaurants. Christopher let us use his warehouse wine storage & headquarters two times last summer to make day time open air & rave party at night in the basement with my other collective Dr Bongiorno (with Daniel Savi, Eliott Litrowski & Rohan our sommelier). Pop up sea food dinner, great great curation of producers, meetings and Q&A with natural wine superstars, bike delivery and always a big welcoming smile.

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