WAV’s ‘FROM OUR WAVE TO YOURS’ is a various and ever-expanding selection of favourite tracks, albums, labels, artists and more, put together by the WAV team and family.

You can call them charts, or staff picks, but we like to refer to them as WAVES, connecting us to you and back.

We love music, we want to share what we love, but we don’t assume that sharing should be at the expense of the artists.

That’s why we link all our WAVE-lists to the bandcamp pages of the artists or labels (if they have one), and that you can view our evolving selection on our WAV’s Buy Music Club Page.

If, in doing so, we can raise more awareness about properly compensating the music makers, then we consider ourselves a little closer to riding the perfect WAVE.

This is a selection by Fred Nasen (Texture Radio)

Special Touch - Garden of Life - Heels & Souls

When you talk about UK Street Soul, and the sounds that define it, it’s impossible to look past Special Touch’s first and only album, Garden of Life. A shining example of this often retrospectively termed genre, which loosely categorised black, soul-inspired music with a DIY, bass-driven aesthetic from the late ‘80s to early-mid ‘90s, this impossibly rare record from cult label Top Secret Recordings weaves a unique brand of positivity and musicality across nine uplifting tracks.


De nooit moede - De nooit Moede - Kontakt Group

En toen werd de hand geschud. De koffie gezet.
Op het moment dat de kamer kleiner werd en de muren te hoog om op te lopen.
Met zoete mazout besloot De Nooit Moede de schijn hoger te houden.
Als een bleek excuus voor rock zonder roll, als de grijns zonder grol.
Want is het aan het eind van de dag niet de dwaas die het groenste graast?


Bourbonese Quark - Preparing for Power - Platform 23


Mannequin and Platform 23 Records reissue what is considered to many the most complete album by perennial anarcho-outsiders Bourbonese Qualk.

The last recorded album at their South London squat, The Ambulance Station on the Old Kent Road, and again released on their own Recloose Organisation, saw the band develop further beyond the limits of the post-punk / industrial scene where genres increasingly became redundant.

Ethno, jazz, funk and EBM are all buried deep in the album as it seeks independence. The title, a critique of the Labour movements ineffective and limited call to arms against the prevailing Thatcherism of the mid-80s, encapsulates this wider oeuvre.



Various Artists - One Love - Antinote



Various Artists - Chill Pill 2 - Public Possession

Chill Pill will help you get in line with nature, enhancing positive feelings through better awareness of one’s surroundings. Listening to this music will improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. While consuming Chill Pill a healthy mix of relaxation and hedonism is recommended.



Mantris - Souvenirs from Imaginary Cities


It has been almost 30 years since Mantris shared music with the world. Together with his good friend Christoph Waelkens, the producer was the driving force behind pioneering house outfits The Black Sun and Brown Hardware Inc. Their creative connection led to three consecutive releases in 1992 on cult label Elektron, a short-term sublabel of USA Import Records. A productive music career was forecasted, but Mantris vanished into thin air and no more music was ever heard of him.

Until early 2020, when Brussels based Kong DJ got his hands on a mysterious playlist. Sent from Bombay in India, little information was annexed apart from a reference to the above mentioned records Mantris produced – favorites in Kong’s record bag for many years. Blown away by what he heard, the DJ decided to launch a new record label and invited good friends Hill Men to join forces. Borrowing the original playlist’s title ‘Souvenirs From Imaginary Cities’ as label name, their first release is what you hold in front of you.

Mantris, real name Dirk Eggermont, prefers to stay under the radar. In his small apartment in Bombay he hasn’t stopped making music ever since he left Belgium twenty years ago. He composes instinctively, far away from hypes and contemporary scenes, creating intriguing and timeless jams. Utterly cinematic, his story-telling is rich and fantasy provoking. Each of the 10 tracks pencils a singular atmosphere, yet the 40 minutes entirety comes as a coherent whole full of surprising sounds and meandering dreams. Close your eyes for a unique musical vision here offered as a 12” album, reminiscing of the finests UK leftfield experiments, Detroit future sounds of jazz and sophisticated house not house.



Taeko OHNUKI - Sunshower (remastered)



Sonic Youth - Live at CBGB 1988


Recorded live at CBGB’s in New York, NY –
December 13, 1988

The last show of 1988, and intense fall-into-winter touring Daydream Nation. Our touring began in September in Europe and would continue until almost summer 1989. During this period we toured more than we’d ever done before, hitting many territories for the first time – Australia, Japan, Soviet Union, New Zealand. But the year closed in New York City, at good old CBGB. At the decade’s start we’d dreamed of playing this place, now we came back as conquering heroes.

Chilly Gonzales - A Very Chilly Christmas



Bussi Bar - Klaus is King


Made in 2008 in praise of Klaus Netzle aka Claude Larson aka Gyan Nishabda aka VC People aka Carlos Futura.
To be honest I just dug this out because of Bandcamp friday. Actually wanted to upload something by the infamous Beatboys2000 but that didn’t work in time. Stay tuned for them and now have fun with this one here.