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You can call them charts, or staff picks, but we like to refer to them as WAVES, connecting us to you and back.

We love music, we want to share what we love, but we don’t assume that sharing should be at the expense of the artists.

That’s why we link all our WAVE-lists to the bandcamp pages of the artists or labels (if they have one), and that you can view our evolving selection on our WAV’s Buy Music Club Page.

If, in doing so, we can raise more awareness about properly compensating the music makers, then we consider ourselves a little closer to riding the perfect WAVE.

This is a selection by Youniss, a musician with a vision. Youniss

James Tillman - Modern Desires

Modern Desires is a conceptual presentation of torch songs that encapsulate moods and realities of adult life. There is a tone of sensuality and romance, but also of longing, change, and introspection. The music cycles through feelings that Tillman believes connect us all. Soul and sonic influences similar to those introduced on Silk Noise Reflex can be heard throughout. Tillman says, “I sought inspirations from the offerings of artists like Sade and Phil Collins. Their songs skillfully portray moods and render the mundane with iconic precision…giving us a way to express our joys and sorrows.”

Slauson Malone - Vergangenheitsbewältigung (Crater Speak)

My fear, my loneliness, my happiness. My blackness, my queerness, my objectness. I am haunted by likenesses. I’m haunted by my self. _____ like a _____. Smile, Simile. Message, Massage. Vergangenheitsbewältigung.
(Crater Speak) is the title of a catalog I published with Midway Contemporary. It is an unreliable guide of materials that influence my artistic and musical practice, loosely defined into associative chapters, outlining a perimeter. That perimeter being the rim of a ‘crater’. An absence present. Here by unimaginable heat, scale, speed, and violence. Collision to disintegration to (see The Thing 1982).
“The rings of Saturn consist of ice crystals and probably meteorite particles describing circular orbits around the planet’s equator. In all likelihood these are fragments of a former moon that was too close to the planet and was destroyed…” – W. G. Sebald, Rings of Saturn. To become a star is to become certain death. Of stone, of (s)tar, petrified. R U SCARED? Rocks will surely be here when we’re not as leopold’s ghost. Of muck, mud, oil, bones to Power. A New World by refined old old old Death.

Sevdaliza - Shabrang 

Oneothrix Point Never - Magic

JPEGMAFIA - EP!  [Collection of songs]

Vritra - Sonar

SONAR is the new record from multi-faceted artist VRITRA that treads across a whole spectrum of hip hop, heavily influenced by the LA beat scene and produced by Leon Sylvers IV.

Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana but currently based in LA, VRITRA has released music under Stones Throw, and Alpha Pup’s The Order Label. Aside from his solo career, he was one of the original members of Odd Future via The Jet Age of Tomorrow alongside Matt Martians, the Atlanta-based hip hop collective Nobody Really Knows and international genre blending collaboration Wilma Vritra, whose acclaimed 2019 debut Burd was also released on Bad Taste.

Leon Sylvers IV is an American songwriter and producer. Son of legendary singer, songwriter and producer, Leon Sylvers III of the family group The Sylvers. Over the years, he’s worked with the likes of Gladys Knight, Teddy Riley, Dâm-Funk, Danjahandz, N’dambi and more.

Babyfather - AUG/MANNA 



Sault - Untitled (Rise) 

A/T/O/S/ - Waterman 


“…while I like to think that creations are a ‘moment in time’, this, for me, is much more than just a moment.“
Truenoys 2020

“Depression is not just for those with painful traumas but it can lurk in everyone who is willing to live in truth… this album can be a cure or a helping hand…soundwise and lyrically.“
Amos 2020

A/T/O/S, pronounced ‘A Taste Of Struggle’ is a project by Amos & Truenoys.

Introduced by a mutual friend, A/T/O/S started creating music together. Their first creation, ‘A Taste Of Struggle’ was quickly picked up by dubstep pioneer Mala, who signed them to his label DEEP MEDi. Their debut release received an early spin by BBC 6 Music’s Mary Anne Hobbs and impressive remixes by Skream and Commodo.

Eartheater - Flames are dew upon my skin


Composed, produced, and arranged by Eartheater alone, Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin draws a path back to the primordial lava lake from which she first emerged, as it also testifies to the reincarnating resurrections the project has undergone over its first full decade of existence. While the album renews her focus on guitar performance and legible structure, Eartheater balances the unabashed prettiness of acoustic harmonic songs with the dissonant gestural embroidery of oblique instrumentals. Having fallen back in love with the idioms that first captivated her, she worked to crack open the techniques that had fossilized inside of her, while still seeking to apply the electro-alchemical knowledge she picked up along her journey. The result of a laborious revival in fire, Phoenix recontextualizes Eartheater’s combinatorial approach to production within her most confident abstractions, adjacent to some of her most direct songs to date.