On air from 19h till 20h

19h-20h: Bassie

20h-21h: Roy Koch

21h-22h: Bouk Liouw

Being introduced to the electronic music scene at the age of 19, Bassie experienced a large variety of events, shaping his personal preference in both music and mixing style. Trying his hand at producing minimalistic techno with analog hardware, before discovering turntables. His taste has evolved over the years, shifting from techno towards 90’s inspired house music. His dj sets are filled with 90’s US and Italian dreamy house tracks, creating lush and airy soundscapes, backed-up with deep and groovy baselines.

With a passion for collecting vinyl records and an entrepreneurial mindset, it didn’t take long before he founded his own (online) recordstore: Amplitude Records. Collecting and selling all sorts of used electronic music. From rare and sought-after records to cheap underground house records.


Roy Koch

Roy’s love of music is evident; looking at his living room full of records. Since his teens under the spell of old US and UK house music, while always having an eye on contemporary music. His music is defined by its sense of character: in his own words, “it’s music with some sort of twist, a hint of drama, while never forgetting the groove”. He has graced the stage at venues such as Bret, Radion, and clubs all over Europe alongside heavyweight artists Francesco Del Garda, Laurine & Cecilio, and Nicolas Lutz. Since 2 years Roy has been focusing on music production, and recently started working parttime to fully explore his artistic side.


Bouk Liouw


With a vast collection of vinyl records; Bouk Liúw, born in The Hague, plays a sophisticated ensemble of underground house; blending the old and the new. His sets are characterised by soothing dreamy soundscapes on deep basslines – amplified by delighted chord progressions. He loves records with a playful touch that contain lots of layers and odd sounds. Also: there is a fair chance you will experience some uplifting repetitive vocals around.

Bouk Liúw’s sound is formed by years of clubbing experience, record collecting and a versatile outlook on the craft of deejaying. Through club sets, radio shows and podcasts he is gently making his way in the scene. Since the summer of 2022 he is part of the Amsterdam-based Breathe Records crew; make sure to keep an eye on them. Known by his everlasting positive energy behind the decks; Bouk Liúw always brings a one of a kind energizing mix that you are keen to experience on a dance floor.