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Hi there, I’m Thonovo. Welcome to another episode of Footsteps Radio, a show full of music for you to walk to. 

Every episode of Footsteps Radio revolves around a track of my album In Your Shoes. It’s an hour long mix with music that feels like it came from the same place, theme or vibe.

All mixed and narrated to take you on a continuous journey.

This time, we’ll set our sights to New Horizons. I’ve put together a bunch of tracks that will transport you to all kinds of different spaces.

New Horizon is also a track I composed to make you feel like you’re on a great adventure. It’s got a space pirate kinda vibe to it.

Thanks for following in my footsteps!

  1. Yosi Horikawa – Rainbow (Vapor)
  2. Klopfgeister – They Were Here Before Us
  3. Bonobo ft. Bajka – Walk In the Sky (Days To Come)
  4. F.S. Blumm – This World (Nice To Have You)
  5. Soulwax – Close to Paradise
  6. Ole Jørn Myklebust – Theme For Namgar (Crussen Edit)
  7. Weval – You Made It, Pt. II
  8. Junodream – To the Moon
  9. Nils Frahm – Sunson (All Melody)
  10. Thonovo – New Horizon (In Your Shoes)
  11. Shadow Community – Restless Song
  12. DNGDNGDNG – Hiperbórea (Quixosis Remix) (Door to the Cosmos)
  13. Ozferti – Purple Sand (Solarius Gamma)
  14. Paul White – Returning (Rival Consoles Remix)
  15. Paul White – Returning (Rejuvenate)