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Robin Vermeersch (1977) studied painting at Kask and Luca School of Arts, Ghent.

He works with various media. Sculptures, paintings and drawings show us a kind of cellular world which is rather existential and can be experienced cosmically. The viewer can approach the images in different ways: they can be viewed as autonomous sculptures and paintings that function individually, but they can also be seen in a larger context so that they each have a different meaning and form an alienating universe. The work is characterized by a fascination for the creative process. Robin Vermeersch works from the capricious observation of the miraculous structures of natural elements and materials we don’t see with the naked eye. Robin is fascinated by the visual language that surpasses our routines and limited viewing ability. He makes art magnifying the unseen in sculptures and paintings with an abstract-organic skin. He therefore also appropriates existing organic structures, which he transposes and incorporates into new images. The apparent strangeness of these images seems familiar and natural to us all.


The expo will show painted record sleeves, what we would like to know is what record sleeves are in your opinion masterpieces and why. It can be your all time favorite sleeve or just the sleeves you came across this past month. 

I love the sleeves of DIJF Sanders, for me the Rattle And Hum of U2 is iconic because it was my first record. Madensuyu also had some special sleeves and I like the last one of The Notwist, Vertigo Days.


When buying records I guess you also visit record shops. What record shop do you recommend, in Belgium or elsewhere? 

Sometimes I go to the Music Mania in Gent. In Torhout there is still a nice music store on the market square. I like the fact that people and stores like that still exist in those small towns. Bust I buy most LPs at flee markets.


The expo refers to vinyl and also to jazz, what is your favorite record of the moment, it might be your favorite jazz record or another genre. Feel free to tell us why this is your LP of the moment. 

My favorite Jazz record is ‘In Velvet’  from Nordmann. I saw them live and they have a really good live set. But the record is also very nice. It is their third album and the most chill.


There’s been, for some reasons, quite some increase in music steaming the past 2 years.  What’s your point of view and how often do you tune in to an online radio while working, painting, cooking,…?

Most of the time I listen to music online, Spotify, Radio 1, podcasts… When I really like an album, I buy the record. Then I can play it in my living room and sit down and listen. So I don’t mind listening to online music.


If you would be asked to have a word or sentence made in neon. What word/sentence would that be?

‘Alles van waarde is weerloos’ from Lucebert. It already exist in neon at The St Jacobsmarkt in Ghent. So there would be a second.