From March 13 to April 30, Zwart Huis presents the double exhibition LP — LV, which
exhibits the painted record sleeves of Belgian artist Peter Lagast along with early neon
works by iconic Belgian artist Liliane Vertessen.

Every week the fictional record store in Zwart Huis will be brought to life with DJ sets during the exhibition.
Several visual artists with a love for vinyl will stand behind the turntables to share their favorite records.
Together they guarantee a wide range of musical genres. The program includes Bent Van Looy, Peter
Lagast, Robin Vermeersch and SoundScore for a Sculpture, a project by Michiel Helbig and Rapha l
Vandeputte. SoundScore for a Sculpture creates live explorative soundscapes that depart from a specific
space or occasion and then enter into a form of dialogue. For each soundscape an integrated platform is
created on which a changing line-up plugs in. Each time a unique and live generated collage emerges from
an interaction with the location and the participants.