On air from 17h till 18h

Where U At? Classic Music Company was founded in 1994 by Luke Solomon and Derrick L. Carter and brings you long-lasting house music.
So this show by dj Sigi is all about summer and smiling faces with big dance tunes, on vinyl as always, from artists such as Tiefschwarz, Isolée, Rob Mello and Luke and Derrick ❤️ Freaks!

  1. Isolée – brazil.com Tiefschwarz Ole Ole Remix
  2.  Tiefschwarz – Schwanitz
  3. Tiefschwarz – You (Dub)
  4. Tiefschwarz – On Up
  5. Tiefschwarz – Acid Soul
  6. Rob Mello featuring Cecile – Fantasize Vocal Club Mix
  7. Home & Garden featuring Colette – Sexuality Rob’s No Ears Remix
  8. Rob Mello – Scared of Losing U (No Ears Dub) (limited edition)
  9. Derrick L. Carter – Where Ya At, Now?
  10. Robbie Hardkiss – Everything Is Changing Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix
  11. Derrick L. Carter – Where Yaccapella?
  12. Isolée – Beau mot plage. Heaven & Earth re-edit