On air from 16h till 17h

Monthly show from Thang on Friday. With guests (first hour) & the second hour covered by himself.

  1. Supersempfft: I See Stars
  2. Señor Chugger: Smell The Ashes
  3. Bicep: The Game (Catz ’n Dogz Interpretation remix)
  4. Skream: The World Is Empty
  5. Tesno Texo: Hype
  6. Boys Noize vs Pilo: Pvssy (feat DEEVIOUS)
  7. Burland: Untitled 140
  8. Taly & Smith: African Swag
  9. Sardalove: Polizia
  10. Taly & Smith: Bomber
  11. Mod Man: FOLD
  12. Kirk The Flirt: Back2Biz
  13. MJ Nebreda: Arquitecto
  14. Leon Vynehall: Sugar Slip
  15. KH: Looking At Your Pager