On air from 17h till 18h

La Reunion is an Antwerp based collective aiming to unite electronic music enthusiasts. Stay up to date with our latest events through our instagram page @lareunion_antwerp

As always we reserved another one-hour slot for ourselves, the La Reunion crew. Today’s host Sips will be playing some mind bending electro and deep hitting house cuts. Buckle up.

  1. Cygnus – Cybrid Vox
  2. Aspetuck – Yuma To Brier & Back
  3. Ste Roberts – Queen Bee
  4. Alex Neivel – Root of Eternity
  5. QNQN – By The Way
  6. Ion Ludwig – Soul Vaseline
  7. Voodoos and Taboos – Pyramid
  8. Anoesis – Cat Vision
  9. Tupikör – Contemplating Below
  10. WHYT – Bad Juju
  11. Thilo Dietrich – Kabusawki
  12. Paolo Mosca – Connect Our Minds