Lennert Jacobs (The Germans, MDCIII,…) wil present his first solo album Enthusiasm (WERF/les ateliers claus) at Wunderkammer festival. Using classical and modern instruments, guided by his own imagination and natural philosophy, instinctively and inquisitive he and his partners-in-crime (Geoffrey Burton, Sarah Yu Zeebroek & Noah Melis) investigate humanism and create a sublime musical experience.

Especially for Wunderkammer x WAV, he made a mix of tracks & melodies that inspired him.

Wunderkammer is a new two day festival for miraculous music with concerts, performances, installations, DJs and much more, taking place at CC Strombeek.

Enjoy an immersive experience and let yourself be surprised by a cross-over of jazz, improv, performance and unexpected interventions… That is the wonderful promise of Wunderkammer!

With concerts by Pierre Bastien’s “4 Hands 1 Breath” (FR), the unique world-renowned pianist Benoît Delbecq + trio (FR), Csaba Palotai (HU) & Steve Argüelles (UK), Aksak Maboul (BE), and with performances by Builenradar, Judith Hamann (AU), Laura Agnusdei (IT), Wilted Woman (DE), Ann Eysermans (BE), L. Jacobs, Jozef Dumoulins Plug and Pray, Avalanche Kaito and more.

Discover the programme and get tickets here.

pic cred. Nana Vaneessen

  1. Sem Teto – Cinema
  2. Symanimagenic – Ka Baird
  3. Ritimsiz – soFa, Houschyar, Okay Temiz
  4. Arabian Synthetizer – Piero Umiliani
  5. Mi primo el Boxeador – Meridian Brothers, Conjunto Media Luna
  6. Upper Floor … Moving Triangle -Haruomi Hosono, Tadanori Yokoo
  7. Flor de Azalea – Frankie Reyes
  8. Hotel Supernova – Felix Kubin
  9. Relance – Gal Costa
  10. Hunahpuguch- Igor Wakhevitch
  11. Görünmez Hava – Anadol
  12. Isodea – Cluster
  13. Bingo Shuffle – Elko B.