As Wilted Woman, Berlin centrepiece Lizzy Davis (AKA DJ Puddle) has performed worldwide, from cool festivals and hipster clubs to parking lots, empty buildings and basement venues. And now also at Wunderkammer. 

Wilted Woman is a producer whose left-field approach to electronic music emerges from an experimentally minded and refreshingly unapologetic attitude, forged on the punk and DIY scenes of the East Coast of the United States, and more recently, Berlin. Her music has been described as friendly industrial, derangement synth, stunning compositions and “music made to realign and confuse body and mind” – ever interesting and engaging, unpredictable, playful and intriguing.

At the Wunderkammer festival, Wilted Woman will play on Friday October 1st – at 18h30 (timing TBC)

Check out the Wunderkammer festival Friday’s line up here.

Wilted Woman Bandcamp

Wunderkammer is a new two day festival for miraculous music with concerts, performances, installations, DJs and much more, taking place at CC Strombeek.

Enjoy an immersive experience and let yourself be surprised by a cross-over of jazz, improv, performance and unexpected interventions… That is the wonderful promise of Wunderkammer!

With concerts by Pierre Bastien’s “4 Hands 1 Breath” (FR), the unique world-renowned pianist Benoît Delbecq + trio (FR), Csaba Palotai (HU) & Steve Argüelles (UK), Aksak Maboul (BE), and with performances by Builenradar, Judith Hamann (AU), Laura Agnusdei (IT), Wilted Woman (DE), Ann Eysermans (BE), L. Jacobs, Jozef Dumoulins Plug and Pray, Avalanche Kaito and more.