After a fun little “Summer of WAV” tour, we’re back with a new season and proud to announce you the full schedule of WAV hosts who will guide you through diverse musical curation. From synth pop, country, field, podcasts, reggae, experimental to electronica & more.  Of course a lot of WAV hosts from the previous seasons are still here with us and we’re very thankfull for this. Each new season we try to improve or test new things. This time we worked out a new schedule that will concentrate more around genres & moods per day without losing that ‘various’ touch of course. We reveal more about this & some new hosts in the next days / week. We truly hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

We Are Various, so are you.

| *concept & video design by Philippe’

Abel Ghekiere pres. Questions In A World of Blue

Monthly on Sunday between 11h and 12h

Abel Ghekiere makes music that is in search of something soothing. In his monthly show “Questions in a world of blue” he searches for music that redefines jazz as a genre.


Monthly on Wednesday between 16h and 18h

Ooh deladiooo! Boslabs maakt radio! Het creatief atelier/artistiek labo/de Het Bosschool/ van Het Bos neemt na de zeefdruk, de green key, de textielnijverheid, de tekenkunst, de iphonecinematografie, de houtbewerking en elvendertig andere expressievormen het medium radio onder handen.

De komende (hoeveel??) maanden maakt Radio Boslabs met een gezellige groep jongmensen jingles, programma’s, DJ’sets, onuitstaanbaar gezever, interessante interviews, hitlijsten, podcasts, quizzen… en zwieren dit ongegeneerd de ether in/ op het web.

CLARA LISSENS pres. Out Of The Night

Monthly on Wednesday between 18h and 19h

Obscure syndicated radio program, Out of the Night, dramatized the case as “The Girl With the Dual Personality” sometime around 1949, [6] a recording of which survives.

Dennis Tyfus pres. Zilveruitjes

Monthly on Wednesday between 16h and 18h

Originally a physical now digital monthly mixtape, compiling what’s been playing at the Ultra Eczema HQ Visit the Ultra Eczema site.


Weekly at different hours (TBA)

Expect interviews with residents artists at De Studio or performing bands or live dj’s sets at random hours. We are located at de bar in De Studio and welcome you to join us there for a drink & talk . Keep an eye on our website & social media for more info. 


Bi-monthly on Wednesday between 20h and 22h

1986, ergens aan de Belgische kust. De wegen van twee geliefden lopen finaal uit elkaar. Hoe het verdriet onder te dompelen, te verdrinken en te vernietigen? Met de zeemzoete plaatjes van deze splinterbom van een radioshow. Steek je cassettes in, zet die vingers klaar op de opnameknop en maak de mixtape van de eeuw. Het wordt een heel aparte zomer.

In deze nieuwe show, ‘Dokter, ik heb hartzeer’, kan de luisteraar inbellen met een probleem – van het hart of van het brein – en proberen uw nederige dienaars de gepaste muziek voor te schrijven om de luisteraar verder te helpen. Inbellen wordt gevraagd en is gezien hun track record meer dan aangeraden! Dokter, ik ben van mijn hartzeer verlost.


Monthly on Tuesday between 18h and 19h

Spanish, settled in Antwerp, Maria P. co-founded “Nuova Materia”, an electronic record label focused on the occult. Blending many sounds and aesthetics, from soul, proto-disco and leftfield to progressive and organic percussion, her intention as a DJ has always remained the same: turning the physical dancefloor experience into an intense collective catharsis.

MOGUS & DJ BACKSTABBER pres. L'esprit Du Cartier

Monthly on Wednesday between 18h and 19h

L’esprit du quartier is a hangout between good friends Deejay Backstabber & Mogus. Guided by a random theme, each show is a sweet sounding potluck of unsung voices and unexpected songs. It’s all about having fun. #YOLO

Objects & Sounds

Monthly on Wednesday between 16h and 17h

Objects & Sounds started in August 2020 with a humble mission of inspiring a different yet more intuitive way of discovering and enjoying music.
By focusing on moods instead of genres, we invite listeners to tune in to how they feel. More than just sharing objects & sounds we love, we love to share the stories of the artists, creatives, labels and makers that inspire us day in day out. Starting August 2021, you can browse objects & sounds to love for years to come at their physical location in Ghent. Located at Gewad 34, they are open from Thursdays to Saturdays at 11:00 to 18:00 or any day of the week by appointment.

Their monthly radio show at Het Bos will be a showcase of their personal taste and discoveries.

Orphan Fairytale

Monthly on Wednesday between 20h and 22h

Orphan Fairytale had jarenlang een 2 wekelijks radioprogramma onder de naam ‘Brienermenu’ op Radio Centraal.
Toen ik in mijn jonge jaren gevraagd werd een programma te vervangen van de heer Dennis Tyfus begon ik met eigen oude kleuter opnamens te knutselen… ze hoorden dat het goed was en ik kreeg een eigen radioprogramma. Met alle plezier weef ik de muziek eclectisch door elkaar en soms op elkaar…Nu wil ik ook wat andere mensen de aandacht geven die wat onder de radar blijven..en ik kijk er naaruit nieuwe field recordings te maken. Orphan Fairytale ‘s soundcollages up in the air soon on WAV !

Peter Daems pres. Infinity Pool

Monthly on Wednesday between 20h and 21h

A monthly dive into infinity with Peter Daems, music programmer at venue Het Bos, Antwerp.

Radio Rolodex

Monthly on Wednesday between 19h and 20h

For decades it was used to keep track of phone numbers and addresses of everyone who should not be forgotten. Last year it ended up in our hands: a reservoir packed with old names and numbers, a person for every need. We named it Our Rolodex and have been filling it ever since with quotes, passages and paragraphs that should not be forgotten. A word for every need.

In Radio Rolodex we look for music to give the words wings and we make an hour of radio to lean on.


Monthly on Tuesday between 14h and 15h

What is a shlundee is probably the first thing you’ll ask yourself when you hear this.

In short, it’s a mixture of every music genre that you could imagine, brought to you by Indy Erens. Dinosaur hunting didn’t work out so instead he decided to make music that you haven’t heard before. The one-man project Shlundee finds the balance between house, hip-hop, electro and trap. Fun fact: he’s tall, goofy and can’t dance for shit but he will make you dance! His ambition? World domination!

Sound Architecture

Monthly on Friday (hours TBA) 

Once a month on Friday evening we go live straight from the Sound Architecture record shop in Antwerp. Part of Ampere club, Sound Architecture specializes online in limited sought after vinyl and vinyl-only imports and independent record labels from all over the globe with a focus on the wide spectrum of underground electronic music.

A selection of essential records from the shop by shop manager & dj Zephyr of with national / international guests who are programmed at the Ampere club (located next to the store).


Monthly on Monday between 16h and 18h 

Stadskanker is a Brussels based platform for unconventional music and culture. They focus on promoting different styles of music and artists through many outlets. By organizing raw eclectic events in various locations they finance their record label activities. No restrictions. No f*cks are given’. Their love for music is roaming somewhere between grindcore and k-pop. ENJOY THE MADNESS.

WAV WAV Wednesday's

Weekly at Het Bos on Wednesday afternoon & evening. 

Expect interviews with residents artists or bands or live dj’s sets in the evening. We welcome you to join us there every Wednesday at De Bosbar (Het Bos) for a drink & talk ! Keep an eye on our website & social media for more info.