We’re very excited to share our new WAV hosts who will guide you through diverse musical curation. From synth pop, country to electronica & even kitsch ! Of course a lot of WAV hosts from day 1 or season 2 are still here with us. The only difference is that we will give you now a more fixed schedule with room for extra one-off guests from Belgium or abroad. We truly hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

We Are Various, so are you.

*video soundtrack by System Olympia: ‘Sirius Desire’
| *concept & video design by Philippe’

Alles Kitsch with Jozefien Wouters

Every third Sunday of the month between 16h and 17h

Unfairly mocked tunes, repressed nostalgia and a touch of joy: Jozefien Wouters selects and embraces everything that will make purists shiver. Prepare to get your prejudices destroyed and your love for kitsch intensified.

Danish & Confused w/ Marijke Maes

Every third Sunday of the month between 12h and 13h

Marijke Maes is a Ghent based musician studying jazz. Currently the wind has taken her to Copenhagen in Denmark, where she started her masters in music creation at the RMC. There she will be exploring the wonders of Danish and other Scandinavian music, while trying to survive in the modern wilderness of Copenhagen. For a while, she is Danish. Danish and confused.

Dj Aldolino

Every second Wednesday of the month between 19h and 20h

Dj Aldolino (Aldo Struyf) is an Antwerp based musician and DJ. He plays guitar and keyboards in Mark Lanegan Band, Black Phoebe and his own band Crayon Sun. Other bands he played in include Millionaire, Creature with the Atom Brain, Vive La Fëte, Orange Black, Club Moral and many more. He’s been buying and spinning records for more than 30 years now, starting out as a resident DJ at one of the most famous rockclubs in Belgium, de Lintfabriek. Later he formed a duo with Tom Barman, played many countries and they were resident at ‘Cinema’, Stadswaag, Antwerp. These days you’ll find him mostly behind turntables before and after numerous bands in venues all over Belgium. Since Covid 19 erased nearly all cultural events he started releasing dansable music on 7inch as dj Aldolino.

In Dust We Trust w/ Thang

Every second Thursday of the month between 18h and 20h

How exactly does a DJ make a whole room fall in love? Alas, there’s no simple way to explain, even for a dedicated stalwart of Belgian night life such as Thang.
Born and bred in Ghent, a fertile breeding ground for world renowned spinners such as 2manydjs and The Glimmers, Thang offers up some key understandings: first up, you need a certain level of empathy.
A DJ must ‘feel’ a room, as they say. They are right.
Second, balance is key. Give and take. Teasing and crowd pleasing. No balance, no dynamic, no party. Third, versatility. Very important, this one. A good DJ always has a plan B, plan C and a plan D. Be prepared, but also be prepared to boldly go where you haven’t been before. Every weekend offers a different story.

TRIX pres. De Ochtenddienst w/ Jaouad

Twice a month on Sunday morning between 10h & 11h

 In ‘De Ochtenddienst’ – or Morning Service – Jaouad Alloul, the Messias himself, talks to inspiring people about the music that shaped their lives.
Which songs enriched their days? Which records were inspiring, important or just… a good listen to them? In the easiness of Sunday mornings, we talk about their view on the world through music and listen to the songs, live from the studio at We Are Various.


Every last Wednesday of the month between 16h and 17h

Lizzy Vandierendonck is a creator of happenings and set construction with a love for the awkward environment.
She finds inspiration in the weather, nostalgia, DIY craftsmanship and charming clumsiness. As a sensitive person for stimuli she creates for We Are Various monthly a mix inspired by the overall mood of that month.


Every third Thursday of the month between 16h and 17h

Jan Matthé runs small press and print works Risiko Press from behind an undertaker’s den in Borgerhout, publishing books of poetry and mixtapes since 2011 along with providing risography to Antwerp’s artistic underbelly. He’s one half of electronic pop duo Stacks with his brother Sis, was a resident dj at Roxi Offenbach, Stadslimiet and Trap and played music with White Circle Crime Club, Dark Brown Feeling and Smokers. He likes vocal and instrumental music

Nowadays pres. The Happiness Channel

A bi-monthly show on the Friday afternoon 

Every 2 months we’re inviting you to our “Happiness Channel”.
A 2 hour trip into all things music related where we have a closer look into why music keeps us on a roll if we feel bad or depressed. We’ll host interviews, listening sessions, dj mixes or just anything that can provide you with Unlimited Happiness. 

Nowadays is a concept which delivers online content through music and clothing.
The clothing we release is made for a good cause. Every collection has a relationship with a music-related charity. We aim to invest in those charities and support people that are in need to educate and grow in the music industry.

AMOS pres. Nightingale

Every first Sunday of the month between 19h and 20h

Hi my name is Amos!  I’m in a band called A/T/O/S (deepmedi) and I also have solo project called Amos Amina Osmanu (cortizona), I don’t have boundaries when it comes to what type of music I play/ listen to. If it’s real it’s good 🙂
So expect a mixture of everything! I named my show after the bird of love (NIGHTINGALE) since it is the strongest energy on the planet I felt it made sense.
Peace (^-^)

Miss Schwarzkopf pres. I sold my soul to the devil

Every third Thursday of the month between 16h and 17h

Miss Schwarzkopf is one of the key figures in the Antwerp scene for decades now. With her vinyl only sets she brings a smile and  spark to a broad range of dancefloors & clubs reflecting her wide musical scope.

GEMU w/ Bent Von Bent

Every third Wednesday of the month between 20h and 21h

gemu is a research project and mutable archive focused on video game music. Bent Von Bent is a Belgian composer from Antwerp, releasing music under the pseudonym of Ōgon Batto.


Every last Tuesday of the month between 20h and 22h

US-born, Antwerp-based musician Spencer Clark is a musical projectile with an impressive production output. As a label boss (Pacific City Soundvisions) or under various monikers such as Vodka Soap, Black Joker, Typhonian Highlife, Charles Berlitz or Monopoly Child Star Searchers, he releases records in flash forward mode.

Together with artists such as Ariel Pink, Ducktails, Emeralds and close friend James Ferraro, with whom he formed the legendary duo The Skaters, he’s sometimes called the founder of the Hypnagogic Pop. A term that was invented to label their music and that means as much as music that evokes the state of consciousness that we experience between the moment of sleep and waking.

Philippe Cortens

Every second or third Wednesday of the month between 19h and 20h
Life is too short. What you hear is what you get. Tune in, drop in, drop out.

WAV at Het Bos

Dates to be announced

Already since our first year of broadcasting we had a strong relationship with Het Bos & we will continue this for the next season. Think of the Summer Residents & Summer Concerts series we did during July. More details to be announced very soon.